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Re: 4300 Sovran -- which engine to get? Back to previous reply  

Posted by SEEG 02/20/2007 07:54 PM
Topic: IPS 500 vs 600 -- what to get?

You may want to check the search function. As I recall there was an identical question posted a couple of weeks ago. The consensus was that the bigger engines would give you a faster cruise and faster top end for similiar fuel burn. Most of us who have the 500's are satisfied but would have opted for the larger engine had they been available. The boat is not underpowered with the 370's but certainly performs better with the 435's. As to handling the hull is pure Tiara. I had my boat out in small craft warnings last weekend (30 knot winds, 4-5 foot closely spaced seas) and was cruising along at 22 knots w/o a problem. I mentioned to my wife that had we been in our previous boat ( a 41 foot express cruiser by a popular national manufacturer whose initials are SR) we would have been heading for sheltered water. You will not be dissapointed with rough water handling no matter what size engine you opt for. Dan

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  • Re: Re: 4300 Sovran -- which engine to get? - Beckerine - 02/21/2007 05:15 AM
    Dan, Thanks for the feedback. I currently have a 32 Open which I bought last year and we have been doing a bunch of overnight cruising and have decided to "step up" to the larger boat -- I've got two kids. My concerns on handling are that the Sovran has more of a convex hull to give it more room below as opposed to the Open hull which is more concave. If you could do it all over again, what would you change? Are their any options that you wish you had gotten, but you did not? Do you have the Ray Marine electronics?
    • Re: Re: Re: 4300 Sovran -- which engine to get? - SEEG - 02/21/2007 09:09 AM
      I'd opt for the larger engines if I were buying the boat now. If you look at dealer inventory most if not all the boats are coming in w/ the IPS 600. The 500's are ok but as I mentioned in an earlier post we tow a 13 foot dinghy and had to reprop to get rated rpm. We lost 2-3 knots of cruise by doing so. I suspect the 600's would also have to be re-propped with the load we are pulling but the result would be a faster cruise. My only concern is that 435 HP is a lot to be pulling from a 5.5 liter engine. My wife wanted a washer/dryer and Sat TV ( I got a new boat so that's ok). Although the w/d works well I might, if we had a do over, order the boat w/o the w/d to get the u-shaped seating. Our boat has almost every option listed except leather and a long list of "specials". Personally, I like the teak and holley floor but others don't. We ordered extra electrical outlets in the galley and the master head medicine cabinet. Another owner ordered outlets in the cubbys at the head v-berth. That seems like a good idea. We ordered stainless handrails on the hardtop because a demo we sea trialed had chipped powdercoat on it's hand rails. We ordered black stamoid canvas and had a drop or cruising curtain (we call it an Alaska cutain) made of the same material with polycarbonate windows. It really seals off the helm. Keep in mind we boat in the PacNW where its colder and wetter than most boating locales. Perhaps a larger or additional A/C unit in the helm if you boat warmer areas. Ours can't keep up ( the heat works well) if we tie to a dock and we face to the south. Too much greenhouse effect with the glass I suspect. We also had a central vac installed and specified a larger anchor and 300 feet of chain. I went with Raymarine electronics but had them installed locally. I wanted a a 10 kw radar and a more powerful transducer. Keep in mind the auto pilot interface and NEMA 2000 gateway (necessary if you want to display Engine data on your multifunction displays) come from Volvo and as I recall are around $800 each. I found Tiara fairly easy to work with as far as specials were concerned as long as you gave them plenty of notice. Once they started building the boat they were more resistant to change. Dan
      • Re: Re: Re: Re: 4300 Sovran -- which engine to get? - KKB - 03/05/2007 07:36 PM
        What kind of "real world" gallon-per-mile are folks getting with the 600 engines? Has anyone gotten what is advertised or does it end up being less? The "full load" seems to be light compared with all the "junk" that we all bring onto boats.

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