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Re: Repowering a 1989 3300 Back to previous reply  

Posted by archive 07/08/2002 04:10 PM
Topic: Advance planning for repowering of 3300 in NE

There is a boat yard in Long Island, NY that has done lots of repower jobs. They may be too far for you, but if not, check out Al Grovers High & Dry at http://algroversmarine.com/ They do gas to diesel conversions along with gas replacements. They rebuilt a 1988 3600 and replaced the 454 gas engines with Yanmar diesels. Real nice results. I've read several magazine articles regarding Al Grover's gas to diesel conversions as well. We're in the same boat as you, loving our 1988 3600. At this point just about everything is new except for the engines, so in the next year or two will consider repowering. The toughest decision will be to convert to diesel or just replace the gas guzzlers.

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