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source for bed sheets? Back to category  

Posted by ripline 05/22/2005 08:32 PM
Topic: need bed sheets for 31 open

Having trouble finding bed sheets for 31 Open. Other than custom, any source you know of? The Tiara store sells for the 32 only.

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  • Re: source for bed sheets? - JBH - 06/07/2005 04:14 PM
    Nancy DePas made bed sheets for my 31 Open last month. She had me send her 2 flat king size sheets of my choice. She charged me $72 for labor and shipping. She did a great job and it only took her about a week. I have her telephone number. If you would like it; please e-mail me at jbh597@earthlink.net. I would rather not post it without her permission. JBH
  • Re: source for bed sheets? - Riley - 06/05/2005 08:24 PM
    There is a lady that works for Tiara & makes custom sheets as a side business. She does a nice job. Forgot her name, but the switchboard operator can get the contact info for you. You buy the sheets & send them to her to customize. Switchboard: (616) 392-7163.
    • Re: Re: source for bed sheets? - madmaggie - 06/06/2005 05:52 PM
      Nancy De Pas 3681 Mohave Drive Grandviille MI 49418 She did an AWSOME job on making sheets. Use very high thread count too!
  • Re: source for bed sheets? - capedietrichs - 06/05/2005 11:04 AM
    I understand that Tiara will make them for you. Call them at the factory. Haven't tried it myself but heard about it from my broker.
  • Re: source for bed sheets? - Chris B - 05/25/2005 01:17 PM
    Take regular queen sheets and tuck them under. If you really want fitted sheets, you will have no choice but to have them custom made. Buy Queen sheets and tuck them so they are smooth and straight. Take a seemstress grease pen and mark all the corners and seems. Take them to a seemstress and have them cut. Good Luck! Chris Burkard Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group (Naples) (239)262-6500 Office (239)253-3670 Cellular (239)262-6693 Fax cburkard@arbmg.com

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